30 Nov 2012


With the arrival of patch 5.1 also comes Bombyx, a unique-coloured dark red caterpillar (err, silk worm), who loves silkweed! He's quite large, as you can see on the screenshot where he passes a Saurok, but shrinks down considerably when tamed.

Well, till now, we've been following tracks that had a beginning and an end. Not for Bombyx. His tracks look just like smaller silweed plants! And since silkweed grows on the borders of the waters anyway, you'll get a bit of a hard time tracking him down.

Bombyx roams the general middle area north of the Temple of the Red Crane, about where the lake splits into two rivers. I have not included a map with his path, this is because he is confined to a relatively small area, and turns and circles and pauses along this path! What I suggest is just throwing flares down where you see a lot of his tracks.

Heavily-chewed silkweed
Tracks: Heavily-chewed silkweed
Level: 90

This is a rough map of his whereabouts:

And here is a video by Kalliope featuring Bombyx: