Voidtalon of the Dark Star

Hello all. Here you will find the most up to date information about the Voidtalon of the Dark Star, where to find it, and how to find it.

by Ummeiko, Petopia forums

Portal locations


For those, that just want to go straight to the portal spawn locations, here are the links for each zone, where portals have been found:

How to find it?


The first step to this pretty purple bird is to find a portal called the Edge of Reality. This portal looks like a purplish smoky arch, and can be more or less vibrant and visible, depending from the angle and the location (dark background...). The one I found looked pretty dull and grey, whereas others look a bright white-purple. It can not be targeted directly, but if you mouse over it, the tooltip says Edge of Reality.

Bright portal, by LiquidPotato, Wowhead
Light portal, by Jelevo, MMO-Champion

 One portal is up at a certain time, on a certain server, for a duration of around 3-5 minutes (to be confirmed).  

When to find a portal and how often does it spawn? 

The best way to find a portal is right after a server reset. From the records most portals either spawn immediately, or about an hour after the reset. Some people say that they had a portal despawn on them and have it respawn at the same place after about an hour, but that might be good luck. Only one portal spawns per server, and if it's taken by a person who came from another server through realm-hopping, then that was it for that server, for a few hours at least.
NEW! It appears 48 hrs is NOT the shortest respawn time (from getting it til it respawns on the same server), a player on Ravencrest (confirmed!) got it after 46 hours 11 minutes. It has also been mentioned that a player have had a 13 hour respawn timer (confirmed!).

What happens when I find one?

Only one player can enter the portal, by clicking on it. He will then be greeted by the message that he is now queued for scenarios. 

by Ummeiko
Then, you enter the actual Edge of Reality and find a dead voidtalon, with an egg that you can loot. That's it :)

by Curtarc, Petopia forums


  Finding a portal through realm-hopping

However, when the player finds a portal through realm-hopping, and he's in a group, he can click the portal but will get an error message saying:  "You can't do that while using Premade groups". Luckily, good old Khadgar will send you a mail after around 20 minutes with the mount attached:

by Vertixxio

Mouse-over macro 

What this will do is play a sound (YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!) whenever the tooltip shows "Edge of Reality".
Requires you to position yourself and your cursor in such a way that if the portal spawns your cursor will be over it, showing the tooltip and triggering the sound.

This will not work like npcscan or such in detecting it in your proximity. The cursor must be over the portal.
It can be blocked if someone stands between you and the portal spawn point.
You need to know exactly where the spawn points are. Use the various screenshots for reference.
The portal name is localised for english clients. Change to portal name for your client.

You can now feel safe to look away or tab to another window without glancing back every 10 seconds.

Edit: Updated the macro. Same as before but will also take a screenshot when portal discovered. Understandably people get over excited and forget to take their portal screenshot. This'll help you out.
/run local f,x = CreateFrame("frame",nil, UIParent);f:SetScript("OnUpdate", function() if GameTooltipTextLeft1:GetText() == "Edge of Reality" then PlaySoundKitID(11466, "master", true); if not x then Screenshot(); x=true; end end end)


  1. Thank you sooooo much for all this helpful information!!!!!! I found her by realm hopping and it took less then a hour to find a portal!!

  2. What an awesome site, so glad I stumbled across it! Thanx for all the great info!!!! :)

  3. Thank you so much for this! I just discovered Cross Realm Assist today and decided to give it a try on my way to the BMAH, sure enough the portal appeared. I was SO disappointed when I couldn't click it! Thanks to your blog my nerves were calmed and I was relieved to learn the mount was on it's way.

  4. With this page's help, I found the portal within 20mins for myself, within 10mins, 40mins, and 15mins for friends.

  5. Hi all,
    I decided to try and find the mount after the weekly realm restarts. I searched spot 1 + 2 in Talador for about 30mins, realm hopping with no luck. Decided to move to Shadowmoon Valley and try it, sat between 1 + 2 realm hopping like before.

    No luck there either, then start to move towards spot 4 and found it on my server! :)

    This was about an 1 hour 20mins after the realm restart.
    Thanks for the help!

  6. Hello,

    Amazing content! These images were really helpful! Found mine in Shadowmoon Valley yesterday. I did a lot of cross realm hopping but I found mine in my realm. It took me about 3 days of hunting, about 4 hours each day. The portal is really hard to miss, it's actually kinda huge. It is totally worth it though, this mount is amazing! If you are hunting for the portal, don't give up it will eventually show up!

  7. The best time is definitely after a server reset. I just popped in at 6:30AM PST because I figured "eh wtheck I might as well try for a few minutes before I get ready for work." Lo-and-behold after 5 minutes of CRA hopping, I found it in the Frostfire ridge spot #3 (no screenshot because I was in the exact same position as the already provided screenshot).

    It totally sucks when you can't enter it because you're in a premade group, but the message Khadgar sends is pretty funny and makes up for it.

  8. I was wondering, if a portal despawns, do the same principles apply to the respawn as IF a player had used the portal?

    1. Today I found the portal while realmhopping. Clicked it, got the error message and waited for >1 hour. Still no mail.

  9. I found the Portal lastnight at 1:50am.found it in a premade and thought I was screwed. Then I got it in the mail. GORGROND

  10. Thank you so much for this guide! I managed to get it this morning after weekly server restart. I left 4 chars in Shadowmoon, Gorgrond, Talador and Nagrand (Frostfire seemed a bit too popular) and used the TomTom waypoints and portal noise macro as suggested. Just kept switching between them and 1hr and 20 mins later the portal appeared in Shadowmoon by the beach :) There was little point hopping as so few groups were up at that time, and all groups were full of portal campers already. So if you're on a low or med-pop realm, stick around without hopping :) GL to all still looking!

  11. Got mine on 3/15/2016, 6:07PM PST. A reset day, but probably not the first spawn of the day on the server I got it on--another case of being in a custom group and having the mount mailed to me 20 mins later. It was my very first day using the information from this guide, I really didn't expect this hunt to be less than a day's worth of realm hopping, but having all the knowledge of the spawns, and insight into spawn windows helped a ton! Thanks for putting this together.