25 May 2012

Alani, The Stormborn

A new rare has been discovered on the beta, majestuously circling the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Not much is known, but I went to track it down.

The buff mentions: Nimbus Shroud. Obscured from attackers.

7 May 2012

Galleon: rare elite

When I heard Chief Saliys yell "Loot and Pillage, bwahahaha'" across the Valley of the Four Winds, I thought I'd check if he and Galleon have turned to rare elites too, just like the Sha of Anger and indeed they did!
Sadly, that's all I can find out for now, noone is taking these guys on, and we still don't know if a loottable was added or not.

Humm... I did throw a moonfire at him to see if Saliys would get targettable to see his nameplate, but he despawned when I shadowmelded. People were not happy with me :)

However, Aeonaxx in Deepholm also despawns when you fight him and drop aggro. If this carries on to live, we won't get to see much of these world rares if every passing hunter or nightelf just attacks, feigns death, shadowmelds and rare goes poof!
Nevermind, while I typed this post, he respawned again!

4 May 2012

Sha of Anger, now in the Journal

This morning, I found the Sha in a third place, and upon looking at the map, I saw a little portrait that brings you to its journal page with the spells he uses etc. Noone's been brave enough to take him on yet!
...so I threw a wrath at him and got put in my place very quickly. However, when I ressed, he had despawned.

2 May 2012

Sha of Anger: revisited

Since the last Beta patch, Kun Lai Summit is open to the testers. I have a special fascination with this place (maybe it reminds me a bit of the mysteries of Storm Peaks), so I had to go and explore it.

I found a way up Mount Neverest, and saw my lovely windserpent again, this time no longer a placeholder model!

Wild Onyx Serpent
On my way back, I noticed the Sha of Anger call through the zone. I didn't see him before, so I assumed that he spawned. Promptly, I made my way to him. A few other players saw him too, and I noticed he now has a silver winged dragon around his portrait, as opposed to previous beta versions.

Sha of Anger
However, as I was alt-tabbed out and came back to look at the screen, he had vanished, and the world server went down. But a couple of hours later, I found him again in a slightly different area. I managed to take a short movie of him in movement, but shortly after the world server went down again and he vanished. I'm not sure if everyone saw him, as there were a couple of people around that paid no notice to him. The general chat disappeared too, not just in that zone it seems, so I couldn't ask the other players.

Here are the two locations that I found him on: