26 Aug 2012


Hexapos was the last rare hunter creature I needed to uncover. It took me a while, as a lvl 86 in a lvl 90 zone without flying. He's got a huge patrol range and is the only white strider since Marticar, the rare Outland strider got a coat change.

You have to follow the tracks backwards, they're still bugged like all the other tracks!

Mysterious Tracks

Leaves: Mysterious Tracks
Level 90

Hexapos map

This map is based on a map by Golden of Petopia Forums (if I'm right).

25 Aug 2012

Alani's mount drop

Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

Thanks to a dedicated beta player named Esinar, we have a video showing how he uses the sky crystal to remove Alani's protective shroud and kills it.
The crystal already removes a portion of Alani's health (it's a short channeling spell) which should tag the cloud serpent to the player using it (it would make sense!)

Esinar's Alani kill 


Alani drops the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. The mount, according to the tooltip, requires exalted reputation from the August Celestials. However, like all cloud serpents, you also need to be exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent to mount it.

Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

It will take time and effort to earn this pretty mount. You can't just camp for it to spawn, you have to work for it. But you also know that sooner or later, you will have ten sky shards to summon it. What happens after you use the crystal, and you disconnect, someone kills you or even Alani kills you...) we'll find out. I hope it doesn't mean starting from 0, but with the time-lost protodrake and Aeonaxx, the exact same thing could happen to you!

If you just found this post and have no clue about sky shards and where to find them, please click on the Alani tab at the top of the site.

19 Aug 2012

Want a cloud serpent? Go on an egg hunt!

Onyx to Goodness

Onyx Egg

For all those that liked the Netherwing egg hunt, Blizzard has added a very similar feature to gain reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpent.
Throughout Windward Isle in set locations, you can find and collect Onyx eggs that you can turn in up to exalted status. With the guild perks, you can get 500 up to 550 rep per egg turn in!

The eggs don't sparkle but you get the golden cog wheel upon mousing over one. They are bind on pickup and stack in the bags. They also seem to respawn in a set time, independently on how many people are looting the eggs, so if a lot of players are about, it will be a tough battle.

You can find all the locations I've come across so far in the Onyx Egg page at the top of the site.

Here is my Azure cloud serpent! But on live, I will get the golden one, it looks like the sky at dawn!

Azure cloud serpent

5 Aug 2012

A guide to tracking the hidden hunter pets


Kalliope from Kalliope's Pet Blog has been so kind to make a video on how to track the new hunter pets in Mists of Pandaria. If you have trouble uncovering the pet that leaves the tracks, this video might clarify some issues for you and give helpful tips.

Rockhide the Immovable

Rockhide the Immovable

Rockhide is relatively easy to find, as his path is much smaller than some of the other hunter creatures. I had fun mapping his path with the company of Loki, on his beta huntress. Like all trackable pets, he's a unique skin. He does phase in the north.

Rockhide's tracks are now spawning correctly, no need to follow them backwards anymore!

Leaves: Worn Tracks
Level 89


4 Aug 2012


Patrannache, the presumed mate of Mazzranache (pink strider, Mulgore, remember?) took me days to find!
Not only are his tracks tiny and even invisible in sections of his path, but he roams around the entire zone! But with help of Quivering's map, I was able to track him down, flare him up and follow him from Half Hill to the eastern start of his path. I have mapped that stretch, and have completed the other half with Quiver's map, as it takes him a very long time to go from A to B.

You don't have to follow the tracks backwards anymore!

Leaves: Barely-Visible Tracks
Level 86


And another of Kalliope's fantastic informative videos, featuring this flamboyant bird:

2 Aug 2012


Glimmer is an incredibly sneaky aqua strider with a unique colour. Commonly found around the Arboretum in Jade Forest, but he walks down to the Jade Temple (and vanishes in phasing). So I've only been able to map his route partly and completed it with Kalliope's excellent map.

One thing that hunters do is just wait at the river east of Nectarbreeze orchard, using flare as sooner or later he will cross the river during his pathing. I'd suggest staying around the Arboretum grounds, ideally near the large fallen log before he wanders out under the bridge of the Temple of the Jade Serpent and into phasing.

You have to follow the tracks backwards, they're still bugged like all the other tracks! 

Leaves: Flooded Tracks
Level 85


Glimmer Video Guide by Kalliope


Bloodtooth makes you run... a lot to catch up with him. He's the only epic dragon turtle model that's tamable in the game. He is commonly seen near Angler's Wharf in Krasarang Wilds but he walks along the entire coast up to the wall bordering with Dread Wastes.
I've managed to map him for half of his path until a server restart came up. The other right half of the map is based on the map done by

Bloodtooth's tracks are now spawning correctly, no need to follow them backwards anymore!

Leaves: Muddy Tracks
Level 87



Bristlespine roams the entire plains in Kun Lai Summit. He's a unique coloured porcupine that walks in puzzling lines and is very good at escaping your watchful eye.

Bristlespine's tracks are now spawning correctly, no need to follow them backwards anymore!
Leaves: Puzzling Tracks
Level 88

And another wildlife video of Bristlespine in the wild by the ever amazing Kalliope of http://kallipets.blogspot.com/