12 Jan 2013

Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick

Location: Jade Forest, inside Greenstone Quarry, the cave north of  Dawnstone Village.

The map of the cave
The cross marks the locations inside the quarry, where the mining pick can be found.
For TomTom users, the coordinates are as follows:

/way 33.53, 77.85
/way 64.40, 59.41
/way 46.26, 23.14
/way 37.21, 23.93
/way 64.33, 59.44
Make sure you activate them when you're inside the cave!

Container: Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick
Actual looted item: Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick

The Relic Hunter: an Introduction

As promised, I will feature all the rare objects and npc's of the Pandaria continent that belong to a series of achievements that, ultimately, will grant your character the title: "[Name], the Relic Hunter".

Now, becoming a relic hunter is not hard, all you need is patience. The items that account for the achievements used to have a long respawn timer, but that timer has been considerably shortened a few weeks ago. What I did, and what I suggest, is having a look every now and then, or when you happen to be in the area. You can also keep a character in one location, or log off in a location of an item you want to find. Sooner or later, you will have found them.

But first things first:

How do I become a relic hunter?

A good starting point is knowing the location of the treasures. There are a lot of helpful maps around, and wowhead guides are generally a good start. I will be making maps as this blog progresses, but for now, I will point you to the excellent guide of Balgair on Wowhead:

There are a lot of locations to remember, but luckily, there is an addon that adds them all to your map:

Now that you can see them on your ingame map, you can create yourself a route with the addon Routes and just link them all together, so you have a line on the minimap guiding you from one location to the other.

However, some of these rare treasures come in the form of npc's, which you can add to _npcscan:

  • Jade Forest: Jade Warrior Statue: NPCscan ID: 64272
  • Dread Wastes: Glinting Rapana Whelk: NPCscan ID: 65552
  • Kun Lai Summit: Frozen Trail Packer: NPCscan ID: 64227
  • Valley of the Four Winds: Ghostly Pandaren Craftsman: NPCscan ID: 64191
  • Valley of the Four Winds: Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman: NPCscan ID: 64004

What do I need to keep in mind? 


When you mouse over one of the items, your cursor turns into a cogwheel. Before you right-click to loot the item, make sure that you cleared the area from any mobs that can attack you, and don't move at all while you loot: else the loot window that appears can close and the item despawns and is lost. 

You can also only loot (and see) an item once on a character, but you can loot it multiple times on different characters.

Which achievements are there?


You start off small, and move your way up:

  1. Lost and Found 
  2. Finder's Keepers 
  3. One man's trash... 
  4. ...Is another man's treasure 

That's all to know to start, happy hunting!