23 Aug 2013



First of all,
I need to update the blog as it is outdated for some posts (it was put together during the Beta for the biggest part of it!). I'll get there eventually.

But, I got a very nice present from Openraid! I took part in one of their contest where they celebrate 200k members and won the first prize, which is a Tuskarr Kite!

A very big thank you for them, and the fantastic work they've been doing since it started. If you ever struggle to find a group for a raid, an achievement, a rare, or you want to be brave and meet people from other servers, give it a go!

But also, over the past 2 years, I've met a lot of players and raidleaders through raids I have joined on Openraid, and who are wonderful people I'd never met otherwise.  Of course, there have also been raids I'd rather forget about  *coughAmbershapercough*, but the good raids let you forget the bad ones :)

US Servers: Openraid US
EU Servers: Openraid EU