7 Apr 2012

The Sha of Anger

Sha of Anger

This world rare wanders between four possible spawn spots, but currently in the beta, it's immobile and just sits there...looking impressive and fascinating.

The cloud serpent over Kun Lai Summit

Screenshot of the black cloud serpent

While using Eagle Eye, I wandered over to Kun Lai Summit, to search for the world boss 'Sha of Anger'. I found the world boss, immobile as he still is, but I continued the journey and went up the mountains. And there, I found my very first wind serpent. It was far away, and an elite, I still need to get a screenshot of it's name which is a place holder. It was dark, and beautiful. Here's hoping for a new cloud serpent 'lost in time'.

An introduction

As a holder of the annual pass, I knew that sooner or later, I would get an invite into the Mists of Pandaria Beta. But I happened to be in the third wave of people, that got a beta pass invite.

I'm very excited! I've never been on a beta or a testrealm, and as an avid huntress of all things rare, and creature-involving (battle pets, companion pets, hunter pets...), I'm going to explore the new continent, in search of silver dragons.

When I first started playing, TBC was already released and my first character was a draenei huntress, I stumbled over my first rare, a ghoul in Westfall, and from then on, looking for rares has become one of my favorite WoW pastimes. Till now, I've completed both Frostbitten and the Outland one, I have gotten three time-lost protodrakes, two phosphoescent stone drakes, I found four camel figurines that teleport to Dormus, and found two Poseidus. I love rehoming rares, so two of those camel figurines went to two friends, one Poseisus is sitting in giftwrap and I can't count the number of rare pets like Madexx, Sambas, the spirit beasts... that I have rehomed to others.

But enough talking. Seeing as I still roam Sholazar, Storm Peaks or Uldum for rares, I don't think that playing in the beta will spoil anything for me... it's not like I'll ever get tired of the sound of npcscan *grins*