Rare Hunter Pets

For a detailed overview on the available pets, and everything else you need to know and I forgot to write, please head over to Kalliope's excellent post on the Petopia Forum:

For some helpful hints on tracking the sneaky beasts, she also made a video on how to best go on about uncovering them.

Some quick info to get you started though:

    • Follow the tracks backwards! Yes, they're currently bugged, most will be fixed in 5.1.
    • Use Flare not where the last track is, but where you anticipate the pet to be walking.
    • Throw a Hunter's Mark on them, so they stay visible even after they leave the flared area.

        For a quick link to the post for each creature, click on their name under the picture:










      This is how it all began...

      The tamable beast riddle

      The riddle is slowly getting solved. Loki on the Petopia forums was the first one to find the tracks. Followed by sensionn, Kalliope, The Doomcookie, Quivering, Golden... if I forget anyone please let me know :)

       Look for tracks. 

      Dusty tracks
       Find tracks. Follow them. They spawn and despawn and change direction. Find the start. Use flare.

      Use Hunter's Mark to keep the beast visible (but only to you)

      Flush out the beast!

      So far, a goat, tiger, fen strider, water strider, porcupine, crane, turtle, basilisk and a Maddexx-esque quilen have been discovered. 

      Its fun! It's a great idea. I still need to find out if non hunters see the tracks but I assume they do. Only hunters can see the tracks.

      If you're quick and put a Hunter's Mark on the flared creature, you'll be able to keep track of where it is when it leaves the flared area, but only you!

      Be careful:

      There is no way to 'tag' the creature as of currently that I know of. If it's flared, everyone can see it. If you freeze it in the flare, a second hunter can just tame it. I have also tested aggro tagging with someone on the beta. I asked her to attack Savage, and she shot his health halfway down, and when Savage started attacking her instead of her pet, I tamed it without any interruption.  I did have Hunter's Mark on it so it stayed visible to be throughout.
      I still need people to find out if Hunter's Mark will tag it to you. So someone needs to put the mark up, while the other person does the same and tames.

      You have to be level 85 to be able to tame the starting zone rares like Savage, the tiger. There still is a questgiver in Stormwind/Orgrimmar, that ports you to Valley of the Four Winds and makes you reach 86 by talking to him over there.

      Edit: It has been confirmed that the first spirit beasts will make their apparition as of patch 5.1.

      Now, find those creatures!!





      1. There's also a basilisk hiding out there. :)

        The thrill of the hunt!

      2. Oh nice. I'll have too try this on my hunter? Do you have to be a certain level? I haven't levelled mine at all yet.

        1. Hi Cymre :)
          I haven't managed to find them all yet, sometimes you hunt after the tracks for ages trying to find the beginning, and suddenly they just disappear.
          But Savage, the tiger is lvl 85, and I assume the water strider is too as both are in Jade Forest. I'll put a link in the link section where Kalliope put all the information together!

      3. Where's this guy at? So awesome!!! Love the blog! ;oD

        1. Thank you :) I enjoy working on it very much.

          The quilen is called Portent, and as soon as I find him for some screenshots, I'll put him in a post. He patrols near the small lake in the Vale where Sahn Tidehunter spawns, and kinda passes the alliance hub, but if you wait south of that small lake, you should see tracks sooner or later.

      4. Sorry but maybe a stupid question, but the beasts are not visible at all unless you find their tracks, follow them and spam flare around them?

        1. Exactly, they're completely invisible. They are visible as long as they're in the flare radius, but if they move out, they vanish again. The trick is to quickly put a Hunter's mark on them as they appear in the flare - that will stop them from going invisible as long as the Mark is applied on them.

      5. just tamed this bad boy on emerald dream eu at 4.55 server time within 10 mins of looking for him thanks to my bro in law for pointing this site out to me

      6. I got savage rather fast myself... with some friends help.. and my friend put the symbol above his head and i was still able to tame.

      7. Just a heads up for any other hunters out there aspiring to tame these awesome guys on live: the tracks are bugged so that they're backwards relative to the direction the beast is actually traveling. That is to say, if the beast is traveling east, then the tracks will still spawn leading east, but the toes of the tracks will be pointing west. I missed out on taming Patrannache one night because I was unaware of this. =(

      8. thx for your info. here. Just tamed Potent(violet). I tracked,flared and marked him and that was all I could do. Wispered a fellow guild member to come help.Xmyrfette(lv90 Shaman)came and damaged Portent halfway and my tame would start and then get kicked off.Finally the Shaman turned Potent into a frog and I tamed him very easily.With that said,we probably did'nt need to damage his health halfway. I think I could have tamed him if we would have froged him at the start.Happy Hunting guys!

      9. Hi again! Just wanted to say that my tamed Portent(Violet) is changing colors everytime I log out then back in, when I go thru a portal and when I use the herthstone. He has been all four colors violet,red,jade and cobalt. Go figure and what kind of change is next?

      10. so far all these pets are pretty easy to tame with the tame macro consisting of rapid shot, deterrence, and tame. i am an herbalist so i also have that haste buff as well. i usually have them tamed by the time they hit me once.

      11. Hunting these pets are fun, I looked them up today and already tamed savage and a violet portent! Now I wanna keep looking!