20 Mar 2013

Zandalari Warbringers

Ah, the new rares that came with patch 5.2... Seeing as I haven't done much apart from chasing these guys, I thought it's time for a post!

Zandalari Warbringers spawn in 5 continents in Pandaria. They have set spawn areas, and their respawn timer is fairly close, around 30 to 55 minutes. Expect to kill all, and by the time you killed the last one, you can already go back to the first spot where you started.

General area of the spawn locations

However, also expect a lot of competition! The Zandalari Warbringers drop not only satchels of spoils (small and large ones), which are the exact same that can drop from the regular rare champions in Pandaria, but they also drop insignias that are bind on account, and that give you 1000 rep with one of four Pandaria factions. With the guild perk and the commendations that you can obtain at revered from these factions, you can get 2200 rep on any alt, any level per insignia! That's the end of dailies as we know it. Factions include August Celestials, Shado-Pan, Golden Lotus and Klaxxi.

Warbringer in Jade Forest (Amber direhorn mount)

And lastly, the warbringers drop: a shiny direhorn mount! There are three colours available, and they always match the colour of the mount that the warbringer spawns on. I am still hoping for a Primal Jade Direhorn to drop.

Warbringer in Kun-Lai (Amber direhorn mount)

The warbringers used to be soloable by many classes, but due to a lot of griefing, Blizzard has decided to make them immune to interrupts, roots, snares, taunts and gripping. If you happen to be a blood dk, you can disregard this change, for everyone else, grab yourself a trusty friend or guildie, before you take on these guys.

Zandalari Warbringer in Townlong Steppes (Jade direhorn mount)

Zandalari Warbringer List of Spells:


Each warbringer has 4 spells at random out of 5 possible choices. You absolutely need to know what these spells do, so you can react accordingly.

  • Horrific Visage:  This used to be a priority for interrupting, as it fears the target that has aggro for 8 seconds! Either ride it out, or use a trinket that can break fear. It can't be interrupted currently.
  • Thunder Crush: Move out of the frontal cone. You can see a dark area on the ground before you get hit by it, but you have to be fast.
  • Vengeful Spirit:  Don't let the spirit get near you, or anything that is attacking the warbringer. It hits very hard. Entangling Roots for druids is perfect for keeping the spirit at bay, slows work too, just keep a distance between it and yourself. It despawns after 20 seconds.
  • Scarab Swarm: Just aoe the scarabs down.
  • Meteor Shower: It helps if you move your camera so you see the area from above. They do damage when they land near you, but they usually fly quite far. They stay above the warbringer so you can't kite it away from the meteors.

Spawn Locations (work in progress)


Jade Forest
Townlong Steppes

Krasarang Wilds

Zandalari Warscouts


The warscouts that spawn along the warbringers are still very soloable, and provide some good training for tackling the warbringers. They each have 3 abilities of the 5 mentioned above, and drop the satchels as well as an insignia. They patrol around the general spawn area.


  1. I've managed to kill a handful of these guys so far and have yet to see the mount. One day!

    1. I have killed over 100, and seen 4 mounts, 3 of which I passed on because they weren't the Jade one I wanted, but today, an Amber one dropped, and the druid I passed a Slate on only the night before, won the roll and passed it to me, so i'm happy, I finally have a dino mount after all :)Just keep at it Cymre, sooner or later you are bound to see one!

  2. You mean 5 zones in Pandaria - Pandaria is a single continent.