23 Mar 2015

Voidtalon of the Dark Star - Talador

Here is a map with all currently known spawn points of the Edge of Reality portal in Talador.

/ way 39.7 55.3 Court of Souls

Court of Souls
Court of Souls

/ way 46.2 52.6 Camp

Grats to a former Aeonaxx camping buddy :)

/ way 47 48 Crystals

The same area
Spawns around where the person is sitting on their mount.

/ way 51.9 41.2 Flightpath

You can watch this spot from the Shattrah flightpath.

I didn't write down the names of the people who took the screenshots, but feel free to let me know if you want your name added etc. I will also do my best to add names when I find them again. All the ingame pictures are from wowhead.


  1. how come the one at 46 52 ( camp ) shows no portal...is it real?

  2. Hello, when I put the post together I had to go from screenshots that people had uploaded to Wowhead, and sometimes they didn't have one of the portal because, well, when they found the portal, they didn't think of screenshotting in fear of the portal despawning or someone else grabbing it. I trust these people though, and haven't had time to scour through the many hundred new posts to try and find a screenshot with a portal... yet.

  3. Thanks to your blog, I found the portal at /way 39.7 55.3 Court of Souls.


  4. With regards to my previous post, I made a mistake with the location. Portal was found at /way 51.9 41.2 below the flightpath. Thanks!

  5. hey there's a portal near the orunai coast here' a video that i found https://youtu.be/L_lIzcgdBY8