23 Mar 2015

Voidtalon of the Dark Star - Gorgrond

Here is a map with all currently known spawn points of the Edge of Reality portal in Gorgrond.

/ way 54 45 Crater

/ way 55.9 40.5 Pools

From here you can use Eagle Eye (hunter) and check on the other two spawn points.

/ way 51.6 38.8 Open

 I didn't write down the names of the people who took the screenshots, but feel free to let me know if you want your name added etc. I will also do my best to add names when I find them again. All the ingame pictures are from wowhead.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkhX4OxRy5M

    Seems another here...

    1. Just wondering if this has actually been confirmed...on day 3 of camping and really don't wanna fly all the way to that spot for no reason....thank you in advance :)

    2. Hello, I believe this is true, but i haven't had time to try and find a screenshot of this location. I imagine there's quite a few portal spawns that are still being discovered. if you don't want to fly all the way, then don't, it's better to easily keep an eye out for three than to fly all the way off and back and miss one. Just do what feels right for you and good luck :)