19 Aug 2012

Want a cloud serpent? Go on an egg hunt!

Onyx to Goodness

Onyx Egg

For all those that liked the Netherwing egg hunt, Blizzard has added a very similar feature to gain reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpent.
Throughout Windward Isle in set locations, you can find and collect Onyx eggs that you can turn in up to exalted status. With the guild perks, you can get 500 up to 550 rep per egg turn in!

The eggs don't sparkle but you get the golden cog wheel upon mousing over one. They are bind on pickup and stack in the bags. They also seem to respawn in a set time, independently on how many people are looting the eggs, so if a lot of players are about, it will be a tough battle.

You can find all the locations I've come across so far in the Onyx Egg page at the top of the site.

Here is my Azure cloud serpent! But on live, I will get the golden one, it looks like the sky at dawn!

Azure cloud serpent


  1. Hmm, interesting. Not really looking forward to another egg hunt for the rep grind but I'll probably still do it.

    Love the new banner btw :)

  2. Thanks Cymre. I'm not great at photoshop things but it makes it more colourful which is what the expansion surely is!

    The egg hunt is good when you've done all the dailies but still have some time and go for a look before logging off. I don't think it will work on live to go through the grind jut by finding eggs, but it's a nice way to speed things up.