12 Jan 2013

Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick

Location: Jade Forest, inside Greenstone Quarry, the cave north of  Dawnstone Village.

The map of the cave
The cross marks the locations inside the quarry, where the mining pick can be found.
For TomTom users, the coordinates are as follows:

/way 33.53, 77.85
/way 64.40, 59.41
/way 46.26, 23.14
/way 37.21, 23.93
/way 64.33, 59.44
Make sure you activate them when you're inside the cave!

Container: Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick
Actual looted item: Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick


  1. I've seen the two spawns points in the north of the cave. It's just disappointing that the gems you get are so few and far between. Although it is great you can wield a mining pick as a weapon, esp since they removed the one from Ulduman.

  2. What do you think would be the best time to go in the mine at and get it?

  3. Where is the cave on a map? I can't seem to find "Dawnstone Village" anywhere on the map of Jade Forest =\

  4. Your map and coords where crucial for me. Thanks for the info, great post.

  5. There's a quest in the Jade Forest to go into the mine, so I suggest waiting until then.

  6. I have no idea at the spawn rate so just explore (I got lucky to find it on one of my accounts). If you go to the jade forest (To Jen Hunt) it will be in the upper part of the map right below Tien Monastery. So if you fly to Tien Monastery and go straight south to the bottom of the mountain it should be around there somewhere.