12 Jan 2013

The Relic Hunter: an Introduction

As promised, I will feature all the rare objects and npc's of the Pandaria continent that belong to a series of achievements that, ultimately, will grant your character the title: "[Name], the Relic Hunter".

Now, becoming a relic hunter is not hard, all you need is patience. The items that account for the achievements used to have a long respawn timer, but that timer has been considerably shortened a few weeks ago. What I did, and what I suggest, is having a look every now and then, or when you happen to be in the area. You can also keep a character in one location, or log off in a location of an item you want to find. Sooner or later, you will have found them.

But first things first:

How do I become a relic hunter?

A good starting point is knowing the location of the treasures. There are a lot of helpful maps around, and wowhead guides are generally a good start. I will be making maps as this blog progresses, but for now, I will point you to the excellent guide of Balgair on Wowhead:

There are a lot of locations to remember, but luckily, there is an addon that adds them all to your map:

Now that you can see them on your ingame map, you can create yourself a route with the addon Routes and just link them all together, so you have a line on the minimap guiding you from one location to the other.

However, some of these rare treasures come in the form of npc's, which you can add to _npcscan:

  • Jade Forest: Jade Warrior Statue: NPCscan ID: 64272
  • Dread Wastes: Glinting Rapana Whelk: NPCscan ID: 65552
  • Kun Lai Summit: Frozen Trail Packer: NPCscan ID: 64227
  • Valley of the Four Winds: Ghostly Pandaren Craftsman: NPCscan ID: 64191
  • Valley of the Four Winds: Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman: NPCscan ID: 64004

What do I need to keep in mind? 


When you mouse over one of the items, your cursor turns into a cogwheel. Before you right-click to loot the item, make sure that you cleared the area from any mobs that can attack you, and don't move at all while you loot: else the loot window that appears can close and the item despawns and is lost. 

You can also only loot (and see) an item once on a character, but you can loot it multiple times on different characters.

Which achievements are there?


You start off small, and move your way up:

  1. Lost and Found 
  2. Finder's Keepers 
  3. One man's trash... 
  4. ...Is another man's treasure 

That's all to know to start, happy hunting!

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