13 Jun 2013

Time-Lost ... in time!

Today, I didn't manage to get into the raid team because I simply didn't realize it was time to whisper a guildie for an invite, and so they had 10 people and started the raid. I decided to go up to Northrend to find an Unborn Valkyr for one or the other person on my friendslist that was still after one.

After Crystalsong Forest, my path took me to the Storm Peaks. I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be nice to see time-lost again, now that I am absolutely not looking for it?" And, behold, on my way to the second spawnpoint of the Valkyr, he came flying over from the Ulduar spawn.

I switched the UI off and took the screenshots I wanted for a long time: Time-lost flying untagged, alive!

I then thought "tag, tag, hold for someone!" but wasn't sure how, and worried I might oneshot it, and then someone had already come along and killed it. Sorry Relli, sorry Aladur!

For those after it, here's a wonderful wealth of resource by Ponderance, the ultimate expert on Aeonaxx, Time-lost and more: TLPDresource.com.

1 comment:

  1. What great shots! I'm still looking for him actually. Hope to see him one day so I can add him to my collection.