25 Mar 2014


Dear readers,

You might have noticed that this blog has been inactive for quite a while now. This was initially, because there was enough information to find most things that this blog pointed out, but also because I was quite busy with other work.
I have stopped playing WoW in November 2013, and I might be back for the release of Warlords of Draenor, but I can't guarantee it. Though the prospect of all these new rare things to find... how can I resist! :)

For now, I still check comments and get rid of spam which seems to creep up more and more, but the most up to date info can certainly be found on Wowhead and the blogs of the friendly people that are listed in the sidebar of this blog.

I wish you a happy hunting, and a lot of great memories in Azeroth!

Warm wishes,

Sneaky Sams

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