30 Jul 2012


Savage is a unique skinned white tiger with blue eyes that patrols around the area between Sri La Village and The Arboretum and all the way from east to west.

Savage's tracks are now spawning correctly, no need to follow them backwards anymore!
Leaves: Bloody Tracks
Level 85

And an excellent, informative video by Kalliope!


  1. Ran into MARTAR THE NOT-SO-SMART near Savage's beginning in Jade Forest, near Sri-la Villiage. Dropped MARTAR'S MAGNIFYING GLASS (85 trinket, item 400) Summons Martar teh Not-So-Smart to fight, adventure and frolic with you for 10 min (1 hr Cooldown)

  2. Just tamed savage on the south end of the lake by Dawn's Blossom, i can confirm that the tracks are STILL backwards. Got him at 215pm EST on Ner'Zhul

  3. just tamed savage 129am tracks going forward chamber of aspects

  4. How do you capture this guy? I was at his last track. I saw it develope in front of my eyes the same as when I tamed Quilin, but when I threw up a flare......nadda

  5. when u find him .. apply hunters mark quickly ! ...tracks now face correct direction (Aug2013) - Ekoc (burning Legion)