2 May 2012

Sha of Anger: revisited

Since the last Beta patch, Kun Lai Summit is open to the testers. I have a special fascination with this place (maybe it reminds me a bit of the mysteries of Storm Peaks), so I had to go and explore it.

I found a way up Mount Neverest, and saw my lovely windserpent again, this time no longer a placeholder model!

Wild Onyx Serpent
On my way back, I noticed the Sha of Anger call through the zone. I didn't see him before, so I assumed that he spawned. Promptly, I made my way to him. A few other players saw him too, and I noticed he now has a silver winged dragon around his portrait, as opposed to previous beta versions.

Sha of Anger
However, as I was alt-tabbed out and came back to look at the screen, he had vanished, and the world server went down. But a couple of hours later, I found him again in a slightly different area. I managed to take a short movie of him in movement, but shortly after the world server went down again and he vanished. I'm not sure if everyone saw him, as there were a couple of people around that paid no notice to him. The general chat disappeared too, not just in that zone it seems, so I couldn't ask the other players.

Here are the two locations that I found him on:

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