14 Jul 2012

MoP Beta Rares implemented!

It is now patch 5.03 on the Beta, and rares have been implemented! The respawn timer is very high, and I witnessed a respawn of less than 30 minutes. There seem to be about 8 rares per zone, and most have been found. Not all the loot is implemented yet.

Per zone, we can find:

A Hozen
A Mantid
A Yaungol
A Pandaren
A Mogu Sorceror
A Mogu Warrior
A Saurok

Theses rares are the equivalent of the "Blooy Rare" and "Frostbitten" achievements of TBC and WotLK expansions, but the achievement is called "Glorious".

Npcscan Autoadd also takes these rares in its database when you mouseover/target them, but it doesn't find them on its own via cache. Once they've been detected for the first tie, you only need to clear your cache when you next log on.

I'll introduce the new rares as I come across them in the next posts.

Happy hunting!


While I'm very good at finding rares once I know where to look for, I fail at actually discovering them! 

 Therefore, I would like to thank all the sharp-eyed folks on the Petopia forums, for discovering the very first rares this patch.
I also came across a fantastic post on wowhead, where I got most of this information from, rares, locations, drops... since I killed most of them, but not all. The person in question is Ashyen from the MoP Beta Realm Mekkatorque. Ashyen's finding on the MoP Beta Rares

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