14 Jul 2012

Nalash Verdantis

Nalash Verdantis
 Nalash Verdantis spawns on a small rocky island on the Isle of Stars in the Dread Wastes.

The respawn timer I witnessed was 25 minutes.
Like all Jinyu rares, he has a couple of nasty abilities that you need to watch out for:

Rain Dance: Keep moving till the cast has complete! It's a oneshotter.
Torrent: Interrupt if you can. Else it also kills.

Apart from that, try and keep your health up and you're fine. I did it in Guardian spec with the free pvp gear.

Drops: Sack of Gems, Hollow Reed, Chestplate of Manifest Dread.
The Hollow Reed is actually a blue water strider pet called Aqua Strider and as of patch 5.03 bind on pick-up:

Aqua Strider

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